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Russia, 129226, Moscow, S. Eisenstein Street, 8

About film studio

Film Studio of Children’s and Youth Films named after M. Gorky is one of the oldest and largest film studios in Russia. It will celebrate its centenary in 2015.

Over the years of its existence, the studio released more than a thousand films including such outstanding works as Mother by V. Pudovkin, Voucher to Life by N. Ekka, House I Live In by L. Kulidzhanov and Ya. Segel, And Quiet Flows the Don by Gerasimov, The Dawns Here Are Quiet by S. Rostotsky, Seventeen Moments of Spring by T. Lioznova and many other films included in the golden fund of the national and world cinema.

Studio owns 3.4 hectares of land, TV studio, digital line for installation and digital equipment for post-production, a huge collection of costumes (more than 10,000) and an extensive actor’s catalogue.

Studio was a pioneer and experimenter in many creative and technical matters. Right here, owing to the application of new technical solutions were created films of different genres: science-fiction - Aelita (1924), co-production Salamandra (1928), sound - Voucher to Life (1931), musical - Harmonica (1934), color - Grunya Kurnakova (1936) and sound animated film With a wave of a wand (1938). In 1941, a stereoscopic film for viewing which cinemagoers did not need to use special glasses was created here, and in 1975 children's comic magazine Eralash appeared. Gorky Film Studio was one of the first to master the technique of dubbing and over the last half-century occupies the leading position in this field.

Nowadays Gorky Film Studio is actively engaged in own film production and offers full range of services aimed at creation of film and television projects.

Studio offers all types of services related to film and television production:

  • · Organization of location shooting in Russia and the CIS (Moscow, provinces, taiga, desert, steppe, the Black Sea and the North Sea, midland, south and north - on land, in the air, on and under the water);

  • Organization of interior and pavilion shooting (latest technology, qualified personnel, support of secondees);

  • Casting;

  • Construction of scenery in pavilions and outside (interiors, palace halls, castles, caves, pools, etc., as well as creation of existing models of ships, trains, planes of any material);

  • Post-production (editing, dubbing, audio mixing, looping, music recording, printing of copies and subtitles, etc.);

  • Film processing;

  • Production and rental of costumes, rental of props and furniture;

  • Production of educational programs on the basis of studio films (video, computer, including games).