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Film Studio services


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Gorky Film Studio filmed different films throughout its existence: contemporary, historical, fantastic, fairy-tale films, detectives, musical comedies, drama, comedies... Films could refer to the present, past or future periods or exist "out of time". Stage supplies for all these films (costumes, props, etc.) were purchased or manufactured. Many of these supplies were kept for future films.

Collection of studio props is always at your service!


Gorky Film Studio has a unique collection of different costumes, hats and footwear needed for filming movies, organizing events and performance decoration.


Our experts are often invited to work on films of other studios. For example, Julia Ormond (filmed in The Barber of Siberia) was dressed in costumes that were sewn on the Gorky Film Studio (designed by N. Ivanova). And the costumes manufactured by our craftsmen for the television movie Peter the Great (USA, art director - E. Maklakova) won an Emmy award of the American Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and the main prize of the Association of Designers of California (USA). Costumes fabricated at the studio are demonstrated at various exhibitions, adorn museum exhibits and are used in commercial making and theatrical performances.

Film studio costume designers will gladly help you to choose appropriate costumes, create harmonious outfits and prepare them for use.

Household items

Fund of Gorky Film Studio’s props contains thousands of stage supplies relating to different eras, countries, social classes. Household items, glassware, fabrics, books, equipment, toys, jewelry, merchandise of imperial times, churchware, etc.

Our propmakers are always ready to provide you with all the necessary filming items collected and carefully preserved over the years of studio’s existence.


Comprehensive collection of Gorky Film Studio‘s furniture is always at your disposal. Genuine interior items of past ages were carefully renovated by our experts. Furniture created specifically for filming is kept in Studio’s warehouses and is always ready for use.

Studio also offers its services in the field of furniture production and renovation of antique furniture.