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Film Studio services


As we know, shooting can be location, interior or pavilion. Wherever the film’s action takes place - in the air, in the water, on land or under the ground, in the palace or in the bunkhouse - you will always need beautiful scenery.

If you do not have a real palace, spacecraft or Kashchey’s kingdom, you have to build it. Palaces may be different, such as ice as in the Jack Frost film. It was made of plexiglass. More traditional marble palaces and castles, such as the ones used in A. Rou’s fairy-tale films or Anna on the Neck and Belshazzar’s Feast are made predominantly of wood.

Models of ships, aircraft, satellites, missiles, space ships are often needed for filming. Sometimes, it is necessary that models of ships and steam boats were acting as, for example, in the film Young Russia, for which the studio built three ships in the size of 1.5 m, 3 m and 5 m. They did float on the water and fired five-shot guns, produced by studio experts. They have also created real Viking's boats for the film Trees Grow on the Stones Too, armored train model for the film It Was Intelligence Work and models of railway stations for the films For Soviet Power and Leo Tolstoy.

Specialists of Gorky Studio are often invited to build scenery for films of other studios. Back in the 80s, our experts have built in Suzdal natural scenery complex “Old Moscow” for the American television series Peter the Great (In 1986, art director A. Popov was nominated for Emmy Award of the American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences). And the whole eighteenth century manor house was built by our team for Yu. Grymov’s film Moo-Moo.

Gorky Film Studio offers services relating to the construction of pavilion and natural scenery, fabrication of props, mock-up and sham products, design of festive grounds, as well as exhibitions, shop windows, interiors.


  • Construction of scenery for shooting films, TV series, TV shows, commercials, music videos in pavilions and on location: palatial halls, castles, caves, pools, etc.

  • Decorative design of stages, exhibitions and shop windows.

  • Production of re-usable scenic backgrounds for TV programs.

  • Painting of walls and facades.

  • Creation of existing models of ships, trains, planes of any material.

  • Production of sham products: sculptures, weapons, armours, animals, products, etc.

  • Fabrication of background materials, curtains, covers.

  • Manufacture of window frames, doors, tables, cabinets of any complexity.

  • Design - projects and interior development of clubs, restaurants, bars, outdoor advertising.